...and then

Thursday, 26 October 2006

So then,
The double walked away from me
Saying, I sell dreams;
Are you sure I am the double
and not you?

And before I could reply
A little lizard from the stars
Came slithering towards
The dream that I was hoping
This double would be,
To scare it away as it would me.

They remained;
The double and the lizard.
And, together, fed on me.
Little by fearsome little
Till all that was left of me
Was a feeble fight
And the memory of a phobia.

Octoebr 24, 2006

In the beginning

So finally, I enter.
And it's not too difficult. It isn't a desire to write compulsively, though that is there too. It's just a challenge - to complete something that I started out, to see my writing through. Though that's what I do for a living; the writing, I mean.

Or perhaps it is to polish what I write.
Or a niggling doubt that I really have no talent where writing is concerned. I am not entirely sure. But here I am, blogging. Finally.