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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Rajnikanth, I can't.

Really, this noise over 'Sivaji' is getting on my nerves. I've never seen the point to Rajnikanth, by the way. Like it amuses me no end that he kicks up a whirlwind with his leg to beat up the baddies and that he goes around flipping cigarettes in the air. I even love his Hindi in 'ChaalBaaz' but then I also love bhel puri and night flights. They're not a religion, however.
I have nothing against the man, but I most certainly have a problem with people going on and on about it in any way possible. From conjecture on how many plastic surgeries it took to make him look younger, and whether Mammootty, Mohanlal, Amitabh Bachchan is in the movie and down to it being horribly entwined with the Cauvery water issue, I am just baffled. Yeah, so it's his 100th film. Well, if you act long enough, you'll get there, no? And he looks younger. Er, so? They've used 4k technology for the first time in an Indian film. Right, someone who just goes to light agarbathi to him before the film starts will definitely know the difference.
I mean I have more serious issues to exclaim over. Rajni's blond hair, for instance. Really. REALLY. Or him caressing Shreya's (or Shrriya or whateverhernameis) navel, which the censor board hacked, by the way. Or spending more than Rs70 crore on a movie.
Or the Cauvery Issue without Rajni.
There's so much else to get excited, hurt, passionate, cause-atious about. I just don't undertand the noise over 'Sivaji'. It's just a film.


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