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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Full house!

So there's my folks, there's M (who I live with)and there's my brother and his girlfriend all at home. And I am going just a little crazy trying to be pleasant and smiling all the time. I mean, it's nice and everything but not when you have to do all the running around. These days I know what it's like to crave sleep.

Damn! I don't think I am ready for kids if I have to be responsible for their nourishment and packing their lunches and odd, dependent things like that.
And I know I'll get all control-freakish about it, because when it comes to do things for people I love, I am just not satisfied if someone else does them. It HAS to be me. And so the cook or the maid doing things is ruled out.
And, of course, divided attention is always a problem. Maybe three more visits together and I'll be less snappy with my folks for taking away what I imperiously think is attention and praise due to me :)!


Went to that strange place called a National Park. I don't get it.
Such tiny enclosures. Like seriously tiny spaces for creations such as birds and leopards that are used to vast open spaces.
It broke my heart to see a leopard walking around in an enclosure that would have been about 5000 sq feet in area. And there were six of them. With fences all around. For me, it was heartbreaking because I've seen one of these in their natural habitat and there's pride and freedom and arrogance in every pore, in every breath. And here they're just reduced to scared, overgrown cats that no one is afraid of or respects. I was wishing that, at one point, all these people who went around whistling at them and calling them all kinds of silly names would get what they deserve - which is be in the middle of a mass break-out in the Park. Just so we know what we need to fear. And be in awe of. Because they deserve that awe, that respect that we should ideally be giving another living being. Especially one that is a lot more straighter than most human beings. But if that ever happened, the poor wretches would be hurt so badly that they'd hate humans forever, if they don't already.
And the birds. So many lovely birds with a ceiling that was about 50-60 feet high. They're used to soaring in the skies, feeling the wind, diving into the sharpness of water and coming out with catch and joy. How do they live? Another thought occured to me - what if many of those birds were born in captivity? How tragic to not know the vast, mysterious sky.
I want to do something about that. I want the lions in the Park to have drier, flatter terrain to range on. I want the birds to have something that can come as close to freedom as possible. I want the leopards to not huddle together on one rock while people go around ogling. I have no idea where to begin nor what to do.

And, what's the deal with charging foreign tourists more than Indian ones?


How does one get like Bill Watterson, who completely opened himself up with Calvin? All the things we are afraid to do - for whatever tiny reason - all the things we are afraid to say, think; things we feel guilty for dreaming and most of all, being completely shamless and remorseless about being grumpy and demanding - how does he do it?:)


That Pratibha Patil is getting on my nerves. Her very face reeks of having compromised humaneness in her life to get where she has. Which is to a completely useless place. All it does is look good on your resume - first woman President of India. Shit.


Good news: A toast to freedom

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Blogger SwB said...

just wanted to say - love your writing.


8:04 pm  
Blogger Sandhya Menon said...

:D thanks a ton. coming from you, it's a huge compliment, as I love reading what you have to say. Didn't want to post the thank you on your blog!

8:31 pm  

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