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Monday, 2 July 2007

Random thoughts of kindness

Every few days I make a note to myself in the morning (on my phone, so that the thought doesn't vanish) about what I need to/want to/must blog about today. And by the time I've chewed on it on my way to work (which is where my writing thrives) it's gone through so many processes that I don't feel it's worth writing about it anymore.
I wonder if it's just my laziness that finds excuses by the time I do the 21-km ride.
Which brings me to a realisation - I am the only person I know (and a lot of others know) who moved from Bombay and travels more to get to work in Bangalore than she did in Bombay. 8 against 22. Tell me again why I did it.
It's been a rough few days really. So my 'Notes' section of the phone asks all kinds of angsty questions - where do young kids (who are caught in situations they shouldn't be in in the first place) find cloths to cover their faces when there is a police raid (and I am asking because none of them had a dupatta as part of their clothing)? How long do I have to wait till I have babies? When will I have enough spine to stand up to myself and say that I don't have to be near perfect all the time? Why is Amitabh Bachchan giving interviews all over the place and why are all the newspapers calling it no holds barred?
Now really, that last one is bugging me. Ever since the colourful, whirlwindy, it's-all-in-the-details Bombay, I've sort of become less enamoured with what people say. And even less believing of what they do. Of course, then there is the question of why I need to know AB is the good sort or not. I don't have an answer.
And this whole Rajni-AB comparison. I mean, for god's sake, they're just actors. Yaawwn!!
Speaking of yawning, sleep's a rare commodity these days. When my house is not sounding like some horror movie, I am busy getting myself plastered through the night and alarming my best friend of 18 years as to how much I can talk. Or smoke.
Getting home at 5 a.m. completely pasted after so long was fun.
Meanwhile, where to get super, over-the-top sexy shoes in hot pink and peacock blue feathers?

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Blogger Sav said...

i think u will have to put together that shoe yourself

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