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Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Many times I think we are just waiting for people to disappoint us. Even the people we like a whole lot - we are just waiting for the day when they'll let us down and we feel miserable. And we ALL love to be miserable. That is where the best poetry comes from, the best art, the best kind of unnecessary expression. From pain, real or imagined.
It's a lot more difficult to write about happy things. I am going to try sometime.


Ever wonder if what people say when they are drunk is absolutely true or they're just shooting their shy mouths off?


What is ugly? And why is it so difficult to call someone ugly in public. I notice whenever someone says that in public, people will make that person feel like the worst form of life. I never see that reaction when someone's being complimentary.

And if we can't say 'ugly' about a person, then we'll find other words for it. We're so good with euphemisms.



Blogger Deepika said...

You're right about the "we ALL love to be miserable" bit.

4:20 pm  
Blogger Arpita Verghese said...

About the ugly thing...i dunno why it has become difficult. I think the nastiness value of it has just exploded. I mean call a person rude, lazy etc and its ok....but ugly?
I think part of it maybe because we feel that the...um...ugly person...did not have a choice in the matter. I mean we can't help what nature did or did not bless us with.
Also, I think of a person is beautiful, its always known/said but if one is ugly...everyone doesnt say anything at all...along the lines of "if you have nothing nice to say...."

12:43 am  

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