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Monday, 1 December 2008

TV Peevie.

I will say this till I am blue in the face or hoarse in the throat. And I am sure people have been saying this forever. Indian television reporting stinks. Very very badly. If there were awards given in various categories to our Times Nows and NDTVs these would be it.

The Pompous Prick award goes to.... Airbag Arnab

Has there been another face on television that has been so full of himself? A famous son of famous parents comes to mind but after Bombay's terror strike, Arnab Goswami of Times Now wins hands down. From the way he sits to the way he pontificates, he is the original snake that eats itself. (Get it? Eats itself - full of himself? ok.) I had to gag myself and pass out a bit while he finished. (You may ask why I didn't switch channels. I don't control the remote.)

Decider: Just about everything he said but of special note is when he delivered his judgement on what the ISI chief said and how his tone should have been something else.

The Fake Floozy award -- Bekaar Barkha

She used her cracking voice to great advantage and by the end of three days Barkha Dutt of NDTV had almost lost all of it. I am wishing it stays that way. What kind of a complete half-brained cretin asks the brother of someone held in captivity how he feels? And then holds his hands and says contrite things about praying for them? I am sure there are other ways to find things to do on TV while reporting on something like this. And oh, she had time to change those ghastly jackets, put on eyeliner and earrings through it all.

Decider: When she asked Shantanu Saikia - who we now know lost his journalist wife at the Taj. She was still missing when BD spoke to her -- how he was dealing with telling his little children about their mother. The man broke down for god's sake and she says, "I think we've upset him." Really? You think?

Edit: Please go here to see all that BD is about.

The Clueless Chica award -- Simpering Shaili

She's lovely to look at and is spot on with her interviews and news presentation but put her on the field with something like this, unprepared, and Shaili Chopra from NDTV Profit is as clueless as a puppy. From botching up her English to saying the same things over and over again, it makes you wonder how she can be so good when she's in the studio. She absolutely fell to pieces reporting live. From saying exactly two opposite things in the same sentence to completely missing the point, Shaili did it all.

Decider: When she stood against a burning Taj and said "Blah blah has happened in the financial capital of Mumbai (sic) and it remains to be seen what will happen to the finanical markets from this day onwards."

I don't know the names of any of those kids on Headlines Today or News X or whatever other news channels they are but I can assure you everything from exagerrated numbers to calling RR Patil the Union Home Minister was all done.

And oh, please feel free to add any more prize winners to the list. I'll just go back to radio or come to my laptop the next time the sky is falling. Seriously, I can't take any more of Arnab's shoulder and Barkha's hideous jackets.

Goodnight, and good luck.



Blogger SwB said...

ah you're back! .. never replied to any of my comments! Good to see you again though.

yes the media in our country has sunk to deplorable levels.

8:01 am  
Blogger Abhipraya said...

The television journalism left me cringing! How can you even think asking someone who's just been rescued after 24 hrs of ordeal "Sir how was your experience?" or "Will you come back to India?" I mean since when does journalism means bye bye to common sense?

5:14 pm  
Blogger scarlet pimpernel said...

I always disliked Arnab Goswami

11:34 am  
Anonymous astatine said...

And that kid Zaka Jacob on Headlines Today, who dresses like a high school kid from a boarding school and contorts his nose in righteous indignation when reporting just about everything... I watch news channels when I am bored of the comedy shows.
I miss the days of DD's monopoly..

9:28 am  

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