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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

From my diary

It's the sun that worries me, seduces me with its heat
Like you do with your promises that we can do anything.
I believe you just as I believe summer will come 
And kill the crocuses I have planted for you.

My knees are stretched taut, the skin on them shiny
As I sit with my legs tucked under me
Looking for rain in the wind-herded clouds.

I watch a green arm of the Meenachil
That flows so close to where my summer memories stay
And it reminds me that I have made promises to you

That I may never keep. 
I am that sung-about woman who takes
As if it is her right.
Men will give me anything, I need only ask;
Including their hearts, which I'd rather not take.
I wasn't called butter fingers for nothing, growing up.

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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Worth a thousand words?

You know how you look at a couple sitting at a restaurant and wonder exactly what their relationship is? Whether they're married or just seeing each other? Colleagues or friends? You watch a family rushing somewhere, all dressed up and wonder where they're going. Is it s wedding, a party, do they like these people they're going to meet?

If you have no idea what I am talking about then just consider me odd and move on. But if you do, then you'll know we all make stories up. My brother looks at windows of people's homes in apartment buildings as we pass by in a car and wonders what kind of a life there is inside those yellow squares, lending the drapery more importance than ever was envisioned.

In the spirit of crowdsourcing, and if you are entirely indulgent of me, I'd love to hear the stories you imagine. I'd also love it if you could look at these pictures and tell me a little story that it inspires in you. Alternatively, tell me which picture you like best: I'd like to build a story on the one that gets the most votes. (Assuming I have more than five readers left.)

Also, please feel free to take this up as a tag, if you like. Use my pictures if you want (just link them back here and credit me) or use your own.


Magic Garden

Love dies

(All pictures courtesy me).

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