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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Matters of the heart

(Who knew losing my hearing would give me inspiration? If you go further than this, let me know what you think).

"I love you forever. Will you?" He asks.
She thinks a bit and says, "it's quiet out here. Where' s the milieu?"

"Oh you wanted a busier place? You should have just said."
"Alright, she says, let's go to this place you mentioned up ahead. "

Walking, he asks, "But I thought you'd like to do this somewhere private."
She is looking around as she says, "Sure, I am adventurous. I'd certainly like to try it."

"So shall we head back then, to where we were sitting?
Important moments need quiet, not a soul around, not even a thing."

"Eh, What's that you said? All you want is a fling?
Well I'm not that kind of girl, no matter what you think."

"What in the world are you on about," he says
And he stops suddenly and grabs her face.

"You haven't heard a thing I said, my dear
For gods sake put in that thing in your ear. "

"Oops, sorry," she says as she fiddles in her bag for her hearing aid
"Silly me. I was wondering why the cloud in my ear stayed.

"And before I put it on, i will have you know
This is exactly why I love you and will do forever more


Blogger Ire said...

Lovely! :)

11:48 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

Funny and love-filled :)

9:30 am  
Blogger Sandhya Menon said...

Thank you, ladies 😊

4:36 pm  

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