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Friday, 13 February 2009

Hearts, flowers and chuddies!

This is a nice change, no?

Every St Valentine's Day I vacillate madly between wanting to do something special for M, writing a scathing piece (yawn!another one) on the futility of the way this day is celebrated today and finally, completely ignore the day.

I've done all three, I'll admit. But this year is nice. I haven't heard a single person griping about how much soft toy makers, jewellers and florists are making. I haven't heard a single wide-eyed naive lamb just out of college saying how "commericialised" this beautiful tradition has become.

If anything, everyone's looking forward to tomorrow, hoping they'll be entertained -- love conquers all and all of that. Or at least some kind of action -- either jobless saffrons being trounced by this all-conquering love or timid little lovebirds being yanked about and harassed. Preferably, the latter -- after all, everyone loves a victim, no? And no one wants to see the villain become one. And think of all the programming on air if the latter happens. Talk shows, sms voting ("do you think members of the Ram Sene were ignored and molested as children, which is why they're doing everything to sabotage the celebration of love?") completely clueless reporters saying the same thing over and over again on PTCs and or, better, watching mutely, only to pontificate later, while some poor couple gets manhandled.

Well, I have a feeling it's going to be one damp squib and everything will be peaceful and pink.

Heppy Velentine's day, then.

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Blogger Bindu Chopra said...

Good to have you back- Thanks to valentines day!
I have had a nice time naming my little pieces of wood!

2:54 pm  

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