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Monday, 23 February 2009

Jai Ho!

I had to say this.

I don't think too much of the Oscars, on principle. Somewhere I don't know, however, is an awareness that, well, these awards are a sort of a big deal. I just didn't realise it till this morning when I saw Resul Pookutty and A R Rahman accepting theirs.

I've been saying it often enough that I don't think Rahman's music needs the validation of an Oscar win. But when I saw this diminutive man go up -- looking slightly excited, because he truly is the king of composure -- and make his little marriage joke (which I don't think anyone paid attention to) and thank his god for what he had got, I realised it meant a big deal to him. And I saw myself tearing up and feeling a little starburst of joy in my slightly contracting heart. It took effort to not have a blonde Miss World moment and dab my tears away. What a proud proud moment, although it took a non-Indian film to take these two mega-talented people to a place where they stood a chance.

And then, Rahman performs and comes back to take another one home. His first outing at the Oscars and the man comes back with two of them. What to do with him, ya?

And R Pookutty? How cute is he?!

A lesson that will be well learnt after this is that the official entry from India for the Oscars shouldn't be something that all of the world liked. Despite all the critical acclaim, we at home who saw Slumdog Millionaire thought it be a so-so film. Just goes to show our judgement is so non-existent.

Another thing I can see happening is a whole bunch of Malayalees taking credit for Rahman and Pookutty. Tamilians and Mallus fighting over Rahman. Bollywood claiming Pookutty to be their own. Now they belong to EVERYONE! That should some interesting reading in the couple of weeks to come, no?

Aside: Freida Pinto is so lovely! Her smile is just dazzling. Just so much poise and grace. And in all her international appearances she's so well turned out. I couldn't help think of Aishwarya Rai who so constantly gets it wrong internationally; her latest hot pink plunging number at the Pink Panther 2 premiere! Way to go, men, Freida!


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