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Thursday, 22 April 2010

The reason I am still hopelessly in love

.. With the husband.

So, we were talking about an issue that's pertinent but not unspoken about, not too serious but definitely deep-reaching. I said to him, "Why don't you do a post on my blog? You write so lucidly."
He: "So do you, my love."
I: "Oh no, your writing is far superior to mine."
He: "If I am lucid, you are lucid in the sky with diamonds."

{P.S. I am not going to have to explain that it was the song reference, am I?}

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Blogger Passionate Goof said...

my my, who wouldn't want a husband like that!

5:30 pm  
Blogger Raj said...


On a lighter note, I was wondering why Gogol still addresses you as OmanWomen. Going by the current trend, you should be called "omana penne" :)

P.S Omana penne means dear woman, if i am not wrong

5:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so sweet ^^

7:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


PS: You still haven't found that 17th cousin of your husband for me yet?

1:35 am  
Blogger shai said...


10:19 am  
Blogger Sandhya Menon said...

PG: Heh heh, he's SO good with words he gives me a complex!

Raj: I like Oman woman :) maybe I'll start my Oman blog with that name and eternal-ise notgogol :) Current trend? What current trend? :P

NCP: Oh it is, NCP. He made a believer out of me, really. I didn't think men could be that nice.

RJDV: Search on, child. Patience :P

Shai: What do I say? It's these moments that keep me from murdering him when he digs his heels in. :)

11:46 am  
Anonymous Spirited Seeker said...

Now I must send my husband a lin to this post! :)

11:51 am  
Blogger Sandhya Menon said...

SS: Poor husbands. I do that every once in a while. These when I send him really relevant links he says, "Is this another one of those how to be a good husband links?" But send on.. All men could improve :P

12:03 pm  
Blogger Raj said...

I was referring to the VTV song :)

1:20 pm  
Blogger starry eyed said...

Awwww! Nice!

8:11 am  
Blogger CognitiveLocomotive a.k.a Thought Engine said...

Silly boy he is, that husband of yours.Lucid in the sky with diamonds..

1:58 pm  
Blogger Sandhya Menon said...

Raj: VTV?

starry eyed :D

CL: You say silly, I say clever :P Timing timing, it's all about timing.

5:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww :)

9:37 pm  
Blogger Raj said...

You really don't like acronyms do you ? Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya

9:37 pm  
Anonymous Roxana said...

Wowwwwwwww...what's not to stay hopelessly in love? :) Bherrrry romantic, I like!

7:41 pm  
Blogger Sandhya Menon said...

Roxana, I really don't have to tell you that it's his crazy silliness that keeps me going, right? :) Lucid in the sky with diamonds it seems :)

5:10 pm  
Blogger Sue said...

A very awww post. Vicky used to SMS me lines from Fred Astaire songs when we were dating.

12:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Thanks.

5:31 pm  

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